Since September 11, 2001, it is estimated that 900,000 combat veterans are battling some form of combat-related stress. Our experience shows us that combat-related stress is contagious across the entire family.

Lengthy deployments, and visible and invisible injuries impact every single member of our military and veteran families, and that is why we have created Family PATHH. Family PATHH is a free, 18-month program that begins with 5-day Initiation. Family PATHH is the first-ever family program based on the science of Posttraumatic Growth.

During the 5-day Initiation, participants have the opportunity to benefit from individual, couple, and family activities.

Please note that due to COVID-19, Boulder Crest's 2020 Family PATHH programs have been cancelled. Our Family Rest and Reconnection program is available for families.

How Do I Apply?

Family PATHH is delivered in collaboration with partner organizations who handle the application and recruiting process. We will keep this page updated should that strategy change. If you are looking for the opportunity to rest, reconnect, and recharge with you family, check out our Family Rest and Reconnection Program.

What the Participants Say

“We have never experienced anything list this before in our lives. It has truly changed everything about family in the best way possible. Everything about this place is amazing: the cabins, grounds, topics covered, volunteers, food, etc. I will remember this for the rest of my life as the best memory I have had with my family.”