Trauma, stress, depression, PTS, and other mental health challenges leave an invisible mark on people many don’t see. However, at Boulder Crest, we see it and know what to do to support them.

Boulder Crest created Warrior PATHH for the hundreds of thousands of our warriors who are fighting the battle on the home front: the fight to find life worth living. The story of our combat veterans and first responders that struggle to find new meaning and purpose, instead of death by suicide, happens far too often.

“Not too long ago I found myself in a pretty dark place, a place I wasn’t sure I was ever going to come back from.”
The stories these men and women tell are wrenching. “I was lost.” “I wasn’t prepared for the next step.” “You’re just AWOL, and nobody cares.”
The effects of this trauma on combat veterans and first responders were the catalyst for Warrior PATHH.

Testimonial – Shurhonda L.

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A Growing Need

Studies show that 30% of the more than 2.5 million men and women who have been deployed to a war zone will return home with PTSD, depression, or anxiety. That adds up to one million warriors who are struggling in their daily lives.

Studies consistently show that conventional treatments of talk therapy and pharmaceuticals are either ineffective, inaccessible, or both. We developed Warrior PATHH to solve this problem.
We believe that trauma is contagious, and with the average family size of three, nearly 3 million people will need Boulder Crest services. Warrior PATHH is the answer to address this growing need.

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Thousands of Years of Research

Warrior PATHH is based on sound mental health and wellness principles. Our signature PATHH Programs use a unique blend of wellness practices for participants and their families to make peace with their past, live in the present, and begin planning for their future.

Our program philosophy transforms struggle into strength. Warrior PATHH is the first-ever program designed to cultivate and facilitate Posttraumatic Growth (PTG). This training program stimulates a participant’s strength in how they relate to their spiritual lives, and how much they appreciate life. All combat veterans and first responders are eligible.

Our Results 

A team of trained combat veterans leads participants through an intensive, immersive, seven-day program introduction, followed by 18 months of training.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Using a military training approach, participants begin with an intensive, immersive, sevenday initiation. That initiation is followed by 18 months of training, learning, growth, and personal reflection led by a blended team of trained combat veterans and civilians who have walked the same path.

The results have been extraordinary. One study showed that, at the end of the program, participants reported:


reduction in depressive symptoms


reduction in anxiety


reduction in stress


increase in selfcompassion


increase in posttraumatic growth


Boulder Crest’s Warrior PATHH program is delivered at seven locations across the country — at our facilities in Arizona and Virginia, and nationally with our Mobile Training Team; and in partnership with GratitudeAmerica (Florida), Camp Southern Ground (Georgia), Travis Mills Foundation (Maine), Big Red Barn Retreat (South Carolina), Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (Arkansas), and Northwest Passage (Washington State).

June 2022

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance: June 24-30
Northwest Passage (PTSDF): June 24-30
GratitudeAmerica: June 25-July 1

July 2022

Boulder Crest Mobile Training Team: July 11-17
GratitudeAmerica: July 23-29
Sheep Dog Impact Assistance: July 30-August 5 (Female)

August 2022

Boulder Crest Virginia: August 5-11
Sheep Dog Impact Assistance: August 7-13
Camp Southern Ground: August 11-17
Boulder Crest Mobile Training Team: August 12-18
Boulder Crest Arizona: August 12-18
GratitudeAmerica: August 20-26
Boulder Crest Virginia: August 26-September 1
Boulder Crest Arizona: August 26-September 1
Travis Mills Foundation: August 28-September 3 (Female)

September 2022

Camp Southern Ground: September 8-14
The Big Red Barn Retreat: September 9-15 (Female)
Boulder Crest Virginia: September 9-15 (Female)
Sheep Sog Impact Assistance: September 11-17
Boulder Crest Mobile Training Team: September 13-19
Boulder Crest Virginia: September 23-29
Boulder Crest Arizona: September 23-29 (Female)
GratitudeAmerica: September 24-30
Travis Mills Foundation: September 25-October 1 (Female)
Northwest Passage (PTSDF): September 30-October 6 (Female)

October 2022

Camp Southern Ground: October 6-12 (Female)
The Big Red Barn Retreat: October 7-13
Travis Mills Foundation: October 9-15
Boulder Crest Virginia: October 14-20 (Female)
Boulder Crest Arizona: October 21-27
The Big Red Barn Retreat: October 21-27 (Female)
GratitudeAmerica: October 22-28
Travis Mills Foundation: October 23-29
Sheep Dog Impact Assistance: October 25-31 (Female)
Northwest Passage (PTSDF): October 28-November 3

November 2022

Camp Southern Ground: November 3-9
Boulder Crest Virginia: November 4-10
Boulder Crest Arizona: November 4-10 (Female)
The Big Red Barn Retreat: November 11-17
GratitudeAmerica: November 12-18
Travis Mills Foundation: November 13-19
Northwest Passage (PTSDF): November 14-20

December 2022

Boulder Crest Virginia: December 2-8
Boulder Crest Arizona: December 2-8
Northwest Passage (PTSDF): December 2-8
Sheep Dog Impact Assistance: December 3-9
Camp Southern Ground: December 8-14
The Big Red Barn Retreat: December 9-15 (Female)
GratitudeAmerica: December 10-16 (Female)
Travis Mills Foundation: December 11-17
Boulder Crest Arizona: December 12-16 (Couples)
Boulder Crest Mobile Training Team: TBD