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We deliver comprehensive training – using educational and experiential methods delivered offline and online – for mental health professionals, interns, residents, medical students, medical doctors, teachers, first responders, clergy, military members, and laymen in communities and areas of need. Our training focuses on the principles of PTG, how to integrate PTG into practices, workplaces, environments, and how to support others in achieving PTG. This effort will include the scaling of our established PTG programs (PATHH) to communities in need.

The History of Struggle Well

In May 2018, after four years of hard work to develop the world’s first-ever program designed to cultivate and facilitate Posttraumatic Growth, Boulder Crest Foundation’s Founder and Chairman, Ken Falke — a 21-year Navy Veteran, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, and Josh Goldberg, the Executive Director the Boulder Crest Institute for Posttraumatic Growth, published the book, Struggle Well: Thriving in the Aftermath of Trauma.

The decision to publish the book was in response to hundreds of in-person and email requests from non-combat veterans who wanted to learn how to transform struggle into strength and lifelong Posttraumatic Growth.

The book has now sold nearly 10,000 copies with customers all across the globe. It is clear that Ken and Josh’s work has struck a nerve, and that people are demanding a better way to deal with struggle, so that it doesn’t permanently diminish them, or their prospects for a great life.


"Struggle Well is innovative, brilliant, and important — and it works."

— Admiral Eric Olson, US Navy (Retired)
Former Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command


Ken and Josh Share Their Wisdom with the World




"Words can’t begin to express how amazed and awed I am by the in-depth, complete, comprehensive, and passionate work you have created. You cannot go thru this course and end up with your head still up your ass or buried in the sand. We can all struggle well and better ourselves."

Struggle Well Online Training Participant

Online Struggle Well Training

With COVID-19 limiting travel, Ken and Josh contemplated how to have the greatest impact possible, especially as Boulder Crest Foundation was receving requests from people affected by the pandemic to learn more about Posttraumatic Growth. The idea for creating the online, comprehensive, and transformative Struggle Well Online Training program was born. The 12-hour course features everything Ken and Josh have learned about how to transform struggle into strength and Posttraumatic Growth, and what it takes to live the great life that you — or someone you care about — is seeking.

The training follows the proven science of Posttraumatic Growth, and is inclusive of five elements:

  • Educating you on the opportunities inherent in struggle, and how to shape a perspective that allows you navigate lifes ups and downs constructively;

  • Teaching how to regulate and manage your emotions so you can be the person, partner, parent, and leader you seek to become;

  • Training you in why it is so important to disclose experiences with struggle and trauma, and how to do so in healthy ways;

  • Enabling you to build a new, positive, forward-looking, personal story filled with passion, purpose, connection, and growth;

  • Ensuring you can live a life of service, sharing your strength, hope, experience, and struggle with others so you can find meaning in your struggle.

All proceeds from the training benefit the Boulder Crest Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that ensures that combat veterans, first responders, and their family members can live great lives in the aftermath of trauma.

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