Boulder Crest Arizona

At our 130-acre property in Sonoita, Arizona, veterans, first responders, and their families can find peace, contemplation, and transformation in the beauty of the Southwest desert.

Find solace in the Santa Ritas

Our sprawling property in Sonoita, Arizona, was once home to Geronimo and Cochise and a historic, 19th century homestead. Framed by the beautiful backdrop of the Coronado National Forest, our program participants will discover a special place to rediscover a life worth living with our science backed PTG training.

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Did you know? 
Our programs at Boulder Crest Arizona are free of charge for accepted Warrior PATHH participants.

Family R&R at our Arizona location

We know firsthand the sacrifices and stresses of military and veteran families, which is why we dedicate nearly 50% of our calendar to Family Rest & Reconnection at our two beautiful Boulder Crest locations.

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Our transformative Warrior PATHH program in Arizona helps turn your struggles into strength.

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Our Arizona location benefits

Three homes provide everything veterans, first responders, and their families need to rediscover their passion and purpose. Outdoor activities include archery, fishing, hiking, and a labyrinth walk. Guests can enjoy the beautiful views and tour the nearby, legendary OK Corral.

Optional, organized group activities, such as barbecues and bonfires, create opportunities for guests to connect with, and draw strength from, one another in this warrior’s paradise.