PTG Certification

Get certified so you can bring the practices and principles of PTG into your work as a mental health professional or service-oriented professional. The program commences in Summer of 2024.

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For: Practitioners
Length: To be confirmed
Locations: Nationwide - Coming Soon!
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Why Get Certified in PTG?

If you are helping individuals overcome trauma, expand your breadth and depth through our Posttraumatic Growth Certification Programs. Two programs will commence in 2024.

These programs are designed by Dr. Richard Tedeschi, the founder of Posttraumatic Growth Science. Those seeking certification will complete an instructionally verified course in clinical aspects of PTG and be challenged to apply the science of PTG in your own professional practice.

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The Impact of Posttraumatic Growth


increase in Posttraumatic Growth experienced by Warrior PATHH graduates


sustained reduction in depression experienced by Warrior PATHH graduates


sustained reduction in anxiety experienced by Warrior PATHH graduates

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We’ve collected the most recent, relevant, and evidence-based scientific papers, descriptive videos, and trusted PTG resources to help you explore Posttraumatic Growth.

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