The Issues We Tackle

An estimated 30 percent of combat veterans and first responders are suffering in silence with a range of mental health challenges including PTSD and depression.

Key issues

Twenty veterans die every day by suicide, and we lose more first responders to suicide every year than in the line of duty.

I’ve worked in the mental health system every day as a practicing psychologist, and I know it’s broken.
Dr. Richard Tedeschi, Executive Director of the Boulder Crest Institute of Posttraumatic Growth

Conventional treatments are not working

In this world, the vast majority of those who find themselves struggling believe that it will never get better. These communities desperately need and deserve a new and innovative approach. An approach that is comprehensive, founded in hope and possibility, and one that offers the possibility of growth after struggle in a setting where stigma is addressed head on and owning your struggle and healing is encouraged. For every 1 healthy military member or first responder, hundreds of people are exponentially impacted.

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Did you know
According to America’s Warrior Partnership, 22-24 veterans ages 18-64 commit suicide each day and 18-20 veterans in the same age group die per day by self-injury. Combined, this points to at least 40-44 veterans taking their lives every day.
Among GWOT veterans between 18-35 years old, the suicide rate is 2.5 times that of all civilians and double that of civilians the same age.
A Department of Defense report released in April 2022 shows that suicide among service members is at its highest rate since 1938.
In 2020, the suicide rate was reportedly 57.3% higher than that of non-veteran adults
According to Newsweek, the National Guard suicide rate rose by 35 percent in 2021.
About 6% of the population in the United States will be diagnosed with PTSD sometime in their lifetime. For Veterans, that percentage is estimated to be double.
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Understanding Posttraumatic Growth (PTG)


sustained reduction of stress experienced by Warrior PATHH graduates


increase in Posttraumatic Growth experienced by Warrior PATHH graduates


sustained reduction in depression experienced by Warrior PATHH graduates

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