Our Philosophy

We are transforming our nation’s approach to mental health through the science of Posttraumatic Growth (PTG).

We won’t leave our nation’s Warriors behind

Our veteran and first responder communities are struggling under the weight of trauma. They desperately deserve an innovative and lasting approach – one founded on hope and possibility. Our Posttraumatic Growth (PTG) training programs teach our participants how to make peace with their past, live in the present, and begin planning for their future.

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Strong family connections matter

Boulder Crest understands the sacrifices and stresses of military and veteran families. Through our signature PATHH programs and Rest and Reconnection (R&R) Stays, families have an opportunity to learn more about themselves and each other and rediscover the love and connections that brought them together.

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We’re transforming the way the world approaches trauma

At Boulder Crest Foundation, we research, test, and scale solutions to change how our society thinks about and addresses trauma. Here’s how.

The Issues We Tackle
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Training & Education

Our Posttraumatic Growth-based curriculum and programs enable participants to thrive after trauma through research-supported, evidence-based methods.

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Community & Technology

Our programs are not catch-and-release, but rather continuous and supportive through our strong partner location relationships and connected communities (both online and offline).

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Research & Evaluation

We measure and publish the impact of training programs via qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods approaches.

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Social & Policy Change 

By inspiring innovative and like-minded individuals, organizations, donors and policymakers to proliferate the science of PTG, we can change our nation’s approach to mental health.

A mission grounded in evidence-based science

As the home of PTG, we train our nation’s heroes to live great lives in the aftermath of trauma through the science of Posttraumatic Growth. We envision a world where all members of the military, veteran, and first responder communities have the training, skills, and support they need to transform their struggle into lifelong growth.

Boulder Crest’s Mission & Vision Understanding PTG
It’s time to change the conversation from Posttraumatic Stress to Posttraumatic Growth.
Josh Goldberg, CEO, Boulder Crest Foundation

Our groundbreaking Boulder Crest Institute

Our Institute serves as the hub for the development, delivery, study, and scaling of our PTG programs. Dr. Richard Tedeschi, who coined the term “Posttraumatic Growth” after a decade of research and clinical work focused on trauma survivors, is the Executive Director of our PTG-based think tank.

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We have the deep expertise needed to create sustainable structural change.

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Our highly rated, evidence-based book teaches about Posttraumatic Growth and how to achieve personal transformation and growth in the aftermath of trauma.

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