Warrior PATHH

Warrior PATHH provides the training you need to transform your struggle into strength and thrive in the aftermath of trauma. Warrior PATHH — Progressive and Alternative Training for Helping Heroes — is based on the science of Posttraumatic Growth (PTG).

Quick Facts
For: Active Serving Military, Veterans
Length: 90 days (beginning with 7 day in-person Initiation)
Locations: Nationwide
NO COST to participants
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What is Warrior PATHH?

Warrior PATHH is the first training program to teach our nation’s combat veterans to experience lifelong Posttraumatic Growth (PTG).

Warrior PATHH has the goal of creating sustained transformation — this is not a catch and release program.

Warrior PATHH is a 90-day, non-pharmacological, peer-delivered training program that begins with a 7-day intensive and immersive initiation. This is followed by 3 months of dedicated support, training, accountability, and connection from a team of trained combat veterans.

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increase in Posttraumatic Growth experienced by Warrior PATHH graduates


sustained reduction in depression experienced by Warrior PATHH graduates


sustained reduction in anxiety experienced by Warrior PATHH graduates

Is Warrior PATHH right for me?

We understand that stress leaves a mark that others don’t always see. If you’re determined to overcome your personal battles and grow from your trauma, our expert guides know how to reshape pain into purpose.

Our Warrior PATHH program — delivering results 5-7x better than traditional approaches to mental health — was designed for the hundreds of thousands of warriors just like you who are fighting the battle on the home front – the fight to rediscover a life worth living.

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Did you know?
About 6% of the population in the United States will be diagnosed with PTSD sometime in their lifetime. For Veterans, that percentage is estimated to be double.
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According to Newsweek, the National Guard suicide rate rose by 35 percent in 2021.
One healthy Warrior PATHH graduate can positively impact 500 people in their lifetime.
In just two days, Warrior PATHH makes breakthroughs that would take the average medical model 12-14 months.
In 2020, the suicide rate was reportedly 57.3% higher than that of non-veteran adults
A Department of Defense report released in April 2022 shows that suicide among service members is at its highest rate since 1938.
Among GWOT veterans between 18-35 years old, the suicide rate is 2.5 times that of all civilians and double that of civilians the same age.
According to America’s Warrior Partnership , 22-24 veterans ages 18-64 commit suicide each day and 18-20 veterans in the same age group die per day by self-injury. Combined, this points to at least 40-44 veterans taking their lives every day.

Our Warrior PATHH Partners

Boulder Crest is proud to be a founding member of the Avalon Action Alliance, the post-trauma nonprofit dedicated to world-class care and transformative solutions around brain health and mental wellness for veterans, first responders, and their families experiencing symptoms related to PTSD, TBI, and substance abuse.

Through this meaningful organization, we scale our Posttraumatic Growth programs and initiatives at Warrior PATHH Partner locations.

We’re grateful to the incredible partner organizations that help make this transformational Posttraumatic Growth program free of charge for our program participants.

Meet our Warrior PATHH Partners


Warrior PATHH is a peer-based training program that relies on a variety of educational and experiential activities for the purpose of teaching life skills, increasing community integration and involvement, and promoting physical, emotional, relational, financial, and spiritual health.

Warrior PATHH is not an outpatient or residential clinical treatment program and does not offer any health care services including, but not limited to, use of licensed healthcare professionals in the delivery of programs or supervision of staff.

Warrior PATHH does not involve the provision of health care of any kind including, but not limited to, individual, group, or family counseling or psychotherapy, pharmacological management, or medical interventions.

Warrior PATHH is not offered as a substitute or replacement for health care services, which may be ongoing or needed at any time by program participants.

Thank you to Boeing for sponsoring the myPATHH App

Boulder Crest would like to thank the following donors for their generous support of our Warrior PATHH programs:

The Avalon Action Alliance, The Department of Veterans Affairs Staff Sergeant Fox Suicide Prevention Grant Program, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Gary Sinise Foundation (GSF), Lockheed Martin, and Wounded Warrior Project®.