Mission, Vision, & History

Boulder Crest Foundation is the home of Posttraumatic Growth (PTG) and the global leader in the development, delivery, study, and scale of PTG-based programs. We exist to transform the way that our society thinks, feels, and acts when it comes to notions of mental health and struggle, so that we live in a world that is fueled and founded in notions of PTG, not PTSD, diminishment, diagnosis, or dysfunction.

Our mission

We are a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on ensuring the military, veteran, and first responder communities can live great lives in the aftermath of trauma.

The need is great – traditional approaches to mental health are not working for these communities and a new and innovative approach is desperately required. In fact, an estimated 20 veterans die by suicide every day, and annually, more first responders die by suicide than in the line of duty.

Our mission is to facilitate Posttraumatic Growth (PTG) through transformative programs, world-class training and education initiatives, research, and advocacy.

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Our vision

We envision a world where all members of the military, veteran and first responder communities have the training, skills and support they need to transform their mental health struggles into lifelong Posttraumatic Growth.

We do this by scaling innovative training programs based on the science of PTG. These research-backed programs — offered at no cost to participants — train members of the military, veterans, and first responders to experience growth and thrive in the aftermath of traumatic events.

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Our History

Learn about the history of Boulder Crest Foundation and key nonprofit milestones and impact statistics from the past decade.

10 Years of Boulder Crest
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We are a training organization not a “treatment” organization. We're training people to struggle well so they can navigate life's ups and downs, and live the great lives they deserve.
Josh Goldberg, CEO Boulder Crest Foundation

We are transforming the way the world approaches trauma

Our comprehensive strategy to transform our approach to mental health has four elements:

Training & Education

By developing and delivering Posttraumatic Growth-based curriculum and programs that enable participants to thrive after trauma through research-supported, evidence-based methods.

Learning & Community

By sustaining the impact of all training and education efforts for our participants, guides and partner locations with compelling content and the creation of communities connected both online (via apps) and offline. These programs are not catch and release, but rather continuous and supportive.

Research & Evaluation

By measuring the impact of training programs through qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods approaches, including using and proliferating the well-validated Posttraumatic Growth Inventory (PTGI-X) to facilitate the evolution of PTG methodologies.

Social & Policy Change

By inspiring innovative and like-minded individuals, organizations, donors and policymakers to proliferate the science of PTG, and change our nation’s approach to mental health.

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Our highly rated, evidence-based book teaches about Posttraumatic Growth and how to achieve personal transformation and growth in the aftermath of trauma.

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