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We use the science of Posttraumatic Growth (PTG) to help transform struggle and trauma into lifelong growth and strength.

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Scientific programs that make an impact


increase in Posttraumatic Growth experienced by Warrior PATHH graduates


more effective than traditional approaches to PTSD


In just two days, PATHH makes breakthroughs that would take the average medical model 12-14 months. – Dr Bret Moore, twice deployed Army Psychologist

For Individuals

For family members

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For Agencies & Military Units

Boulder Crest Foundation brings Posttraumatic Growth into the active serving military and first responder community through intensive 1, 2, and 5-day Struggle Well training programs focused on wellness, prevention, and cultural transformation.

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For Licensed Mental Health Practitioners

PTG Certification – Coming Summer 2024

Our PTG Certification Program, based on the scientific framework of Posttraumatic Growth, teaches licensed mental health professionals how to integrate PTG into clinical practice.

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Get the Struggle Well book

Struggle Well teaches about Posttraumatic Growth and how to achieve transformation and growth in the aftermath of trauma.

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Our Locations

Boulder Crest Foundation has two locations in Bluemont, Virginia and Sonoita, Arizona, and conducts training across the country through our two mobile training teams and partnerships across the country. All participants are provided the opportunity – free of charge  – to learn about and experience Posttraumatic Growth.

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