Alan Cardwell


Originally born in Tucson, Alan has lived in Arizona for most of his life. Having lived in Sonoita for over 15 years, Alan is a local through and through. Living with his aging father, Alan spends most of his time working with his dad on a variety of odd jobs and chores around the house. After pursuing his studies at Cochise College, Alan found himself working in the restaurant business. Working his way up as a dishwasher, Alan eventually made his way to becoming a main chef at The Steak Out restaurant in Sonoita.

Truth be told, Alan was never really into cooking. His real love was landscaping. After months of struggling to set up a business of his own and to find work in this small, rural community, Alan was introduced to Boulder Crest Arizona and Apache Springs Ranch. His drive and passion for the work landed him the role and he has done a stellar job with maintaining and improving the grounds.