Dana De La Rosa

Master Struggle Well Guide

Dana is a combat veteran of the United States Army and has been a PATHH Guide at Boulder Crest’s facility in Arizona since August of 2019. She is also an alumni of the Warrior PATHH program (Boulder Crest, Virginia, October 2019, Class 072).

Dana joined the Army when she was 20 years old after attending University of Wisconsin – Madison for two years. She retired from military service 20 years later as a Sergeant First Class with five combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the 3rd Infantry Division. She was a Vocalist, Instrumentalist, Senior Teams Leader, Forward Detachment NCOIC, Master Resiliency Trainer and Equal Opportunity Leader. Dana has recruited, trained singers while developing programs to stand up the vocalist career track within the Army.Honoring America’s heroes while deployed and in garrison allowed her to serve and perform for their final honors as well as facilitate morale enhancing events. Losing a few of her own Soldiers and performing for countless other deaths it became her personal mission to prevent as many suicides as possible through servant leadership. Dana experienced Warrior PATHH and became a part of Boulder Crest Posttraumatic Growth Academy after it changed her life for the better. Dana now serves as a Master Struggle Well Guide delivering training across the country.