Jeff Kinman

Director of Technology and Analysis

Jeff is an Air Force veteran with 9 years of enlisted experience as a Signals Intelligence Analyst. After departing the military, Jeff moved to the Northern Virginia area with his wife and two children where he worked as a federal contractor supporting a national intelligence agency as a targeting analyst focused on counterterrorism operations. When not working, Jeff is likely busy fulfilling his responsibilities as a member of the Board of Directors for the Loudoun County Disc Golf Club, a Virginia 501(c)(3) dedicated to growing the sport of disc golf in Loudoun County.

Jeff has a life-long obsession with analytics, specifically understanding the relationships between disparate pieces of information, both from a purely statistical point of reference and from a qualitative “why?” perspective. Jeff is beyond excited to be a member of the Boulder Crest Institute Team where he has the opportunity to put his passion for analytics to work in a manner that provides initiatives such as PATHH the scrutiny of evidence they deserve via a combination of a data-science applications to produce rich data-driven reporting for both BCI internal and external consumers. As a combat veteran, Jeff is so grateful for this opportunity to serve the community.