Rob Swartz

Struggle Well State Director - Massachusetts

Prior to joining Boulder Crest Foundation’s First Responder Initiative as the Director for New England, Robert spent 35 years as a Police Officer in Massachusetts. During his Law Enforcement career Robert was a key participant in the creation of the SEMLEC Peer Support / Critical Incident Stress Management Team. Robert served as the team’s Director / Commander since the team’s inception and led a team of officers who support a consortium of 30 police departments across the region. Robert developed policies, procedures, vetted prospective candidates for team membership, coordinated and implemented team member training and oversaw daily operations. Robert was also responsible for examining and coordinating with external facilities and programs that provide a variety of support services for police officers.

In his search for the best programs to help Police Officers during times of struggle he attended the Boulder Crest Foundations Warrior PATHH program. After attending, not only did he begin to refer numerous officers to the program, but he began to work on his on growth as well with what he had learned. Robert then began to volunteer with Boulder Crest in various regions throughout the country introducing Posttraumatic Growth and the Struggle Well training to Law Enforcement Officers. Robert also worked with State Legislators in the creation and implementation of statewide peer support confidentiality laws, mandatory training requirements and funding for Police Peer Support Teams statewide.

In 2021 Robert was appointed to and still sits on the National Fraternal Order of Police Wellness Committee.

Throughout his career law enforcement career Robert had both directly and indirectly been involved in countless critical incidents and is personally familiar with the impacts of trauma, struggle and the lifestyle law enforcement has had on himself as well as other officers and family members.