Robert Dabney Jr.

Director of Programs - Mobile Training Team Alpha

Robert Dabney Jr, was raised in Memphis, TN. As the oldest of six kids, he’s always felt the call to set an example and be a leader. In June 1998, two weeks after graduating from George Washington Carver High School, Robert joined the US Army as a Combat Medic, at 18 years old. It was during these early adult years that he began to develop a genuine love for helping others. Particularly, when they were in dangerous, helpless, or painful situations. Excelling in his role as a medic, he was assigned to teach “Combat Lifesaver Skills” to other Soldiers in his unit, sharing his enthusiasm and wisdom for bringing healing when no other options were available. Robert often shares that, as a medic, (often referred to as “Doc”) he discovered that the greatest aid he could provide was a listening ear. “Soldiers trust their Medics; not only with their lives but with their mental and emotional states, as well.” It was during the long nights in the wildernesses of Iraq, that he discovered the immense value of being emotionally available for others.

Following a 9 year Army career that included deployments to Kosovo, Saudi Arabia, and two trips to Iraq; Robert studied to become a Professional Hospital Chaplain, receiving a Bachelors in Theology in 2013, and 2 Master of Arts degrees (MDiv., MA-Communication) in 2017. At the completion of Graduate school he began working for AMITA Health as a Professional Healthcare Chaplain. During this time he was forced to face the reality of the life he’d lived to date. Coming face to face with pain, suffering and grief in the hospital each day began to take its toll on his well being. In January 2020, he resigned from his position, with the aim of addressing the serious Mental Health challenges he’d finally begun to acknowledge. Currently, Robert identifies as a Veteran Peer Specialist and Mental Health Advocate. Outside of his role as a PATHH Guide, he works part-time as the Peer Apprentice Program Manager for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) in Chicago.

He’s passionate about helping people find peace amid chaos and bringing hope to the hopeless. When not spending time with his family (Wife, 4 Kids, 2 grandkids) or walking his Mastiff, Rocco, you can find him meditating, reading, writing, or cheering for his hometown heroes, the Memphis Grizzlies.