Sam Espinosa

Master Struggle Well Guide

Sam is a United States Marine Corps Veteran with 4 years of experience as an Infantry Machine Gunner and Marine Corps Security Forces Guard. After departing the military, Sam relocated to Southwest Florida where he began his career as a sworn law enforcement officer that spanned over thirteen years. Throughout those years he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and worked in a variety of units and divisions. Instructing others became his passion and he eventually spent most of his career as a general and high liability instructor for his department. In 2010, he relocated to Miami, Florida where he continued to serve the public as a law enforcement officer. The following thirteen years he served as an instructor and eventually became the Training Sergeant responsible for all training within the agency.

In 2021, he suffered a cardiac event that would change his life forever. While struggling, he was recommended to attend a course to assist him with the personal struggles he was facing. In September 2021, he attended one of the first five-day struggle well courses being offered in the Miami Dade area. He was so moved and inspired by the training that he decided to put the work in to turn his very own struggle into strength. He recognized that this traumatic event was the defining moment that would allow him the opportunity to rewrite his story and share it with others. In 2022, he made the choice to retire from law enforcement after twenty-five years of service and focus on helping others through his story. He has been a guide for the Struggle Well program since his retirement and now serves as a Master Struggle Well Guide, where he now gets the opportunity to serve as a mentor and guide for those accepting the challenge to guide others in the First Responder community.

He is grateful to be part of an organization that serves both military veterans and first responders of this great country. It is an opportunity and a blessing that he doesn’t take lightly!