Struggle Well Experience Eligibility

The Struggle Well Experience is developed and delivered by first responders for first responders, and speaks to the unique challenges, skills, and abilities of this remarkable community.

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Who is eligible for The STRUGGLE WELL EXPERIENCE?

Boulder Crest Foundation’s Struggle Well Experience program is available to male and female first responders.

+ Participants MUST be a first responder — active or retired.

+ We define a certified first responder as anyone who has received certification to serve their community as a Police Officer, Sheriff’s Deputy, Corrections Officer, FBI, CIA, U.S. Air Marshal, Marshal Service, EMS/EMT, para-rescue, dispatcher, emergency manager, or firefighter who has been involved in a critical incident, or a frontline healthcare worker.

*Struggle Well Experience is an approved program of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, and is Arizona Peace Officer Standards Training (POST) Certified.

I have gained the willingness and ability to be open and transparent without worrying about what others think or might say. I realized there are others in similar situations that are willing to talk and work with each other to better ourselves. I will not look back and keep the rocks weighing me down.
SWX participant 

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