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A Surprise Attack, A Surprise Result: Posttraumatic growth through expert companionship

January 1, 2010
Happiness, Healing, Enhancement: Your Casebook Collection For Applying Positive Psychology in Therapy

This chapter describes the trauma suffered by a 21-year-old woman who was attacked with a knife at her job. The posttraumatic growth-based clinical work with this client is detailed.

As in most cases where clients report posttraumatic growth, there is an element of surprise to it.
Dr. Burns and Dr. Tedeschi

This chapter of George W. Burns’s Ph.D. book reveals a story that showcases the processes of trauma. By utilizing an individual’s narrative of trauma as a framework for the clinical approach, it becomes possible to facilitate growth across multiple facets of their life. Richard G. Tedeschi Ph.D. explains how to put this process into a practice that facilitates growth and avoids a stagnant downward spiral for the traumatized individual.

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