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Coping with Crises: An Examination of the Impact of Traumatic Events on Religious Beliefs

December 1, 1996
The Journal of Genetic Psychology

The impact of traumatic events on empirical and metaphysical assumptions was examined, by comparing assumptions of a group of 25 persons who had recently experienced a major stressor with assumptions of a group of 25 persons who had not had such an experience. Each group was composed of 22 women and 3 men, with a mean age of 20 years. Participants completed written measures assessing levels of adjustment, empirical world assumptions, religious motivation, and religious and spiritual experiences. Naturalistic interviews were conducted with the trauma group. The trauma group obtained significantly higher scores on symptoms of psychological distress but did not differ in evaluations of the empirical world as predictable, safe, or controllable. Interviews suggested that the metaphysical assumptions were not challenged by trauma; rather, they provided a framework for understanding and coping with trauma.

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