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Correlates of Posttraumatic Growth in Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

December 29, 2006
Journal of Traumatic Stress
This study demonstrates that survivors of abusive relationships can experience certain aspects of posttraumatic growth, despite their psychological and physical suffering.
Dr. Richard G Tedeschi et al.

The negative consequences of intimate partner violence are well documented. This study investigated the possibility that some survivors of intimate partner violence may also experience posttraumatic growth because of their struggle with this highly stressful circumstance. In addition, the relationships between posttraumatic growth and relationship status, type of abuse, depression, and availability of models of posttraumatic growth were examined. Most women reported posttraumatic growth. Overall abuse experienced and depression were unrelated to posttraumatic growth, but abuse was related to one domain of growth. Contact with a model of posttraumatic growth and having left an abusive relationship were both positively related to posttraumatic growth.

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