Military Mental Health

Factor Structure and Concurrent Validity of the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory-Short Form Among Veterans from the Iraq War

March 18, 2011
Journal of Traumatic Stress

The Posttraumatic Growth Inventory is a frequently used self-report measure of posttraumatic growth. It was adapted recently to a short form with preliminary evidence in support of its psychometric properties. The current survey study replicates evidence for the short form’s factor structure, internal consistency reliability, and concurrent validity among a sample of 327 National Guard soldiers deployed in support of military operations in Iraq, a population distinct from the original scale-development sample of undergraduates. Findings provide evidence for satisfactory reliability, replicable factor structure (i.e., the same 5-factor structure as the original measure), and support for concurrent validity (i.e., relations with theoretically related constructs). Further research should address validity of the scale among more ethnically and racially heterogeneous samples.

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