Posttraumatic Growth: The Positive Lessons of Loss

January 1, 2001
Meaning Construction & The Experience of Loss
The transformative nature of loss, then, can be viewed as a process whereby the lives of some people are imbued with an enhanced sense of meaning and purpose.
Richard G. Tedeschi Ph.D. and Lawrence G. Calhoun Ph.D.

This book chapter presents a wide-ranging review of the substantial empirical literature that provides evidence of personal growth resulting from a struggle with loss, for at least a stable minority of those who suffer it. Processes addressed include factors such as individual differences, the magnitude of the trauma and the growth processes facilitating a changed sense of self, changed relationships, existential and spiritual growth. The authors go on to develop not only a research agenda for future investigations, but also some preliminary guidelines for practicing clinicians engaged with their clients in an effort after meaning.

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