Resilience and Posttraumatic Growth

January 1, 2017
The Routledge International Handbook of Psychosocial Resilience (1st Ed.)

In this chapter learn about how leading posttraumatic growth researchers conceptualize the relationships between resilience and posttraumatic growth.

Posttraumatic growth (PTG) represents more than just a return to baseline and reflects development beyond previous levels of functioning.

In other words, individuals who display resilience following a highly stressful or traumatic experience have adjusted successfully despite adversity, whereas persons who experience PTG are transformed by their struggles with adversity.

As we will describe in this chapter, it is not the trauma itself that produces PTG but rather the processes of cognitive and emotional struggle in the aftermath of trauma that prompt outcomes of positive change, transformation, and growth. Therefore, we conceptualize PTG as both a process and an outcome with distinct cognitive and emotional components that have the potential to result in behavioral changes and transformation

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