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Posttraumatic Stress can affect the whole family!

Give today and help our combat veterans and first responders turn their struggle to stength.

Boulder Crest Foundation leads the development of the science of Posttraumatic Growth (PTG), guided by the founder of PTG and our Distinguished Chair, Dr. Richard Tedeschi. As the first organization to ever develop and deliver Posttraumatic Growth-based programs, Boulder Crest continues to innovate, enhance, and expand the field of study of PTG.

After almost 20 years of war, we believe combat veterans deserve more than just a “thank you for their service.” They deserve the opportunity to thrive after trauma.

Give our veterans, first responders, and their families who are struggling from the effects of this war a chance to reconnect and start a wellness journey like no other.

With military suicides spiking more than 20% due to the pandemic, it’s important for each of us to show these remarkable men and women, who have always put us first, just how much we care.

Our mission at Boulder Crest is to provide Postttraumatic Growth training for combat veterans, first responders and their families through our transformative programs. Thanks to the work we do here, we’ve seen many participants completely transform their lives and turn their struggle into strength.

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“This organization is a prime example of dedication to our veterans and their families. It is a magical place that promotes healing and camaraderie. Thank you is just not enough.”


“I’ve accomplished more in the 7 days at Boulder Crest than I did in the past 7 years with the VA.” – Juan Warrior PATHH Participant

Trained in Posttraumatic Growth

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Give a little to those who gave a lot.
“It is imperative that we transform our mental health system from one of pathology to progress, trauma to thriving, struggle to strength. Boulder Crest Foundation is the leader in that effort.”
Ken Falke, Founder and Chairman