Brock Noah


Brock Noah was born the second son to his parents in 1974 at Ottawa Kansas and raised all over the eastern side of the state. His father was not only a Vietnam Veteran but also an ordained minister for 30 years, so a life of service came naturally to him. In 1995 Brock decided to join the U.S. Army as a 12B (Combat Engineer) where he served in both Light and Mechanized units with multiple combat tours. Throughout his 24 years of active duty service, Brock has held various leadership positions and roles from Team Leader through First Sergeant until his retirement in 2019. During his career Brock also served as a Drill Sergeant, the Senior Enlisted Advisor at the United States Military Academy and the Senior Military Instructor at Boston University Army ROTC.

After nearly a 2 year long struggle with loss of purpose and identity, as well as traumas from military life and prior, Brock knew he had to change his trajectory. In September of 2021 Brock attended the Warrior PATHH program at Big Bear California with the MTT. Since completion of the program, Brock credits the Warrior PATHH program as the catalyst for his “second calling” and began serving with the MTT in June of 2022 as a PATHH Guide. In his down time, Brock enjoys most all outdoor activities and sports. He is an avid Ice Hockey and College Basketball fan as well as a motorcycle enthusiast.