Deborah Ward

Operations & Logistics Manager

Deborah (Debbie) Ward joined Boulder Crest in 2022 and in her current role serves as the Struggle Well Operations and Logistics Manager.  Debbie is passionate and dedicated to her role, supporting, and managing the operations and logistics of the First Responder Initiative and Struggle Well training across the nation, working directly with Boulder Crest/Struggle Well teams, first responders, and community leaders.

In addition to her role with Boulder Crest, Debbie also has a history of an expansive nursing career where she began as a registered nurse, and later went on to become and work as a nurse practitioner. She has extensive clinical experience in multiple clinical environments including outpatient and acute care settings, and in a consulting role as well.

Her passion for health promotion of first responders, front line healthcare workers, and local communities, stems not only from her nursing background, but her role and dedication as a first responder spouse and mother.