Jose Rodriguez

Senior Struggle Well Guide/Coordinator - Florida

Jose Rodriguez was born in Port Chester, NY. In September of 1969. He grew up in New York until his family moved to South Florida in 1975 where he has lived ever since. Jose graduated from Hialeah High School in 1988 and a year upon graduation he enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1989 where he served in support of Operation Just Cause and in 1990 while deployed in Europe was sent to the middle east to serve in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. In 1992, Jose finished his enlistment and remained in the Army reserves util 1998 where he was Honorably discharged.

In 1998 Jose became an ordained Minister and was an associate Pastor and Senior Pastor in several churches throughout Miami-Dade County and held various Senior and board positions among different ministries for men. That same year in 1998 Jose joined the Town of Medley Police department as a civilian police dispatcher and became the department’s first ever Chaplain. In 2009 Jose became Medley’s first Community service officer and in 2011 went to the Miami-Dade Police academy where he graduated and went on to Patrol Division. He is The CIT coordinator for the Department and currently heads the department’s peer support group, he is also a member of the Honor guard unit, and has served as a code enforcement officer for the town, and continues to serve as Chaplain.

He is currently a Senior Struggle Well Guide with Boulder Crest and Struggle Well Coordinator for the state of Florida. Jose is Married Evelyn Rodríguez and has two wonderful daughters Eliannis 18 and Joselyn 8