Laurick Ingram

Senior Struggle Well Guide/Logistics & Operations Specialist - Florida

Before retiring as a police sergeant in 2012, Laurick served and protected the Miami-Dade Community for 27 years. March 2022, he completed his first Struggle Well (SW) Training. June 2022, he completed SW train-the-trainer, and began facilitating SW Courses. Since then, he has participated in SW courses in Florida, Arizona and Virginia. In addition to SW, he is a Certified Event Interventionist, and certified by the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service’s (DSS) Antiterrorism Assistance (ATA) program to instruct in the areas of criminal investigations, critical incidents, hostage negotiations, and first responders to terrorist incidents.

Laurick strives to embody a poem taught to him and his brother “Sonny” by their grandmother.

Drive the nail aright,
Hit it on the head;
Strike with all your might,
While the iron’s red.

When you’ve work to do,
Do it with a will;
They who reach the top,
First must climb the hill.

Standing at the foot,
Gazing at the sky,
How can you get up,
If you never try?

Though you stumble oft,
Never be downcast;