Megan O’Connor


Megan was born and raised in Stockton California the oldest of 3 siblings. Her father was a Green Beret in Vietnam, and his father served in WWII. Her family moved to Danville California where Megan attended high school and discovered her passion for helping others. She became an EMT Explorer riding along on ambulances her senior year when she discovered that being a Firefighter/Paramedic was what she really wanted to do. She volunteered at her hometown fire department while attending community college and working as a Seasonal Firefighter. After completing Paramedic School Megan was hired full time as a Firefighter/Paramedic in 2007 and served her community for 15 years.

Megan promoted to Engineer and then on to an EMS Captain where she supported the EMS Division at her fire department. Megan also was on the Peer Support Team and was a big advocate for mental health and wellness. Over the later years in her career Megan began struggling with PTSI and began reaching out to find ways to get help, which seemed near impossible, so she began to develop a resiliency training she wanted to bring to her fire department to help others as well. After experiencing an extreme personal loss and a series of traumatic calls, Megan took the time off work to really focus on healing through therapy sessions and attended a PTSD Retreat in 2019. It was a long road and eventually led to having to medically retire from the fire service in 2021.

Megan downsized her belongings to what she could fit in her small travel trailer and decided to explore the country and figure out what life would look like and where she felt she belonged. After coming through Warrior PATHH in 2022, Megan was able to really start moving forward in life and decided to continue on with her vision of helping others in a bigger capacity, leading her to become a PATHH Guide.

Outside of PATHH, Megan runs a Peer Support Group, and supports First Responders and Veterans with their health and wellness goals through life coaching and mentorship. Megan now resides in a small town in the Sierra Foothills of California with her two dogs and still enjoys exploring in her travel trailer and hosting campers and guests on her property.