Paul Kakol


Paul comes to Boulder Crest with a rich military and first responder history. He served in the United States Army, which we’re sure was bittersweet for his grandfather, uncle, and father who all served in the United States Navy (football is probably a sore subject at Thanksgiving).

During his service, Paul deployed on several combat and humanitarian aid missions. After leaving the military, Paul became a Police Officer in Northern Virginia, and is currently serving as the Department’s Firearms Coordinator and teaching firearms at the academy.

Paul has two sons and enjoys spending quality time with them on the family farm making hay, fishing, and hunting. Being present and playing an active role in their lives is his highest priority and greatest joy.

In 2022, a year which Paul refers to as the lowest point in his life, he attended Warrior PATHH at Boulder Crest where he was able to reconnect with himself and has never looked back. His passion for Boulder Crest Foundation’s mission has been Paul’s primary focus since he left the program. He is excited and honored to be a PATHH Guide and hopes that he can help others see that there is a better way, that they can change their path and thrive.