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Can we Facilitate Posttraumatic Growth in Combat Veterans?

January 1, 2011
American Psychologist

The article highlights the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program being developed for the U.S. Army, aiming to promote posttraumatic growth in combat veterans. It reviews existing studies supporting this phenomenon and suggests program elements to facilitate growth.

The development of a common narrative among members of the [military] unit may enhance the process of posttraumatic growth.
Dr. Tedeschi and Dr. McNally

The Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program, currently under development for the U.S. Army, will include a component designed to increase the possibilities for posttraumatic growth in the aftermath of combat.

In this article, we briefly review studies that provide evidence for this phenomenon in combat veterans, and we suggest elements that such a program might include to facilitate posttraumatic growth. We urge the Army to conduct randomized controlled trials testing the efficacy of the program prior to its implementation.

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