PTG in Clinical Practice

Posttraumatic Growth: Theory, Research, Applications

January 1, 2018

This book serves as a valuable resource for researchers, mental health professionals, and individuals interested in understanding and promoting positive outcomes in the aftermath of trauma.

“Posttraumatic Growth is the definitive and up to date guide on trauma and positive change written by the world’s leading researchers on the subject.
Jim Rendon, author of Upside: The New Science of Posttraumatic Growth

Posttraumatic Growth reworks and overhauls the seminal 2006 Handbook of Posttraumatic Growth. It provides a wide range of answers to questions concerning knowledge of posttraumatic growth (PTG) theory, its synthesis and contrast with other theories and models, and its applications in diverse settings.

The book starts with an overview of the history, components, and outcomes of PTG. Next, chapters review quantitative, qualitative, and cross-cultural research on PTG, including in relation to cognitive function, identity formation, cross-national and gender differences, and similarities and differences between adults and children. The final section shows readers how to facilitate optimal outcomes with PTG at the level of the individual, the group, the community, and society.

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