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Transformed by Trauma: Stories of Posttraumatic Growth

February 16, 2020
Independently Published

Transformed by Trauma challenges the popularized belief that trauma leads to a life of diagnosis and diminishment. In this book we shed light on the age-old concept of posttraumatic growth, highlighting elements of Posttraumatic Growth and the process that many of us take to transform our struggles into strength.

All of our lives are filled with ups and downs, triumphs and tragedy, success and stress. The question is not whether we will experience difficulty, challenge, or trauma; it is what we will do in response to such events and experiences. While the dominant narrative of cultures around the world suggests that trauma diminishes our prospects for a great life, Richard Tedeschi, Bret Moore, Ken Falke, and Josh Goldberg know differently.

If we have done our job well, you will understand how the struggles from the men and women in this book were transformed into strength. You will appreciate the fact that light can be found even in the darkest places. And you will come to realize that the same forces that reside within them are within you as well.
Transformed by Trauma

Rich, Bret, Ken, and Josh have dedicated their lives to ensuring that people can grow in the aftermath of trauma, and live great lives — filled with Posttraumatic Growth. This remarkable book harnesses the power of all their experience, and the incredible true stories of combat veterans and military and veteran family members who have transformed loss into gain and pain into purpose.

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