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Lead Well: 10 Steps to Successful and Sustainable Leadership

January 3, 2024
Boulder Crest Foundation

Leadership (verb) lead·er·ship: Helping others arrive at an end result they could not achieve on their own.

Whether you’ve led for years or are new to the role, being a leader is a responsibility that doesn’t come with instructions. Many leadership books focus strictly on tips for the business world. Others offer analysis but lack strategy, while most are confounding and complicated. To be a leader in today’s world, whether in your personal or professional life, you need a simple philosophy—one with proven results.

Good leaders know that character and morals matter as much as profit and loss. Lead Well is your practical guide for understanding the leader within and becoming the person you need and want to be.

In Lead Well, leadership consultant and serial entrepreneur Ken Falke introduces you to the ten principles you need to become an impactful leader. With tactics that are easy to understand and even easier to implement, this book is packed with Ken’s insight from more than four decades in business, nonprofit, and military leadership. You’ll learn how to be the best version of yourself before inspiring others to contribute ideas and accomplish goals.

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